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Hitsville UK – Book 2?

It’s coming…it is, it really really is.
Sometime. Soon. Ish.

Hitsville UK 2_01 low res

Art by the ever brilliant John Riordan.

John has also recently completed the incredible Capital City and his short story Dating Medusa is pretty darn fine too.

You can read the pop comic joy that is Hitsville UK issue 1 here for free and get yourself a hard copy here.


Hitsville Origins! Carrie Nation’s Revenge

Art by John Riordan. You can buy this pop comic print here.

A key inspiration for The Carrie Nation’s Revenge was, shockingly enough, The Carrie Nations from Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. In the film the CN are a group of beautiful girls with a clutch of top tunes who are systematically destroyed by Hollywood and the psychopaths that inhabit it.

In truth I haven’t seen the film the whole way through, I had to turn off when it became clear where it was heading. Lars Von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark used up my tolerance for the ‘beautiful woman destroyed‘ genre but it was a catalyst for CNR.

With their Scooby Doo van and their off-screen adventures battling zombies and vampires and demon squids, I wanted a group that were themselves and would never be destroyed or diminished by the monster moguls and the monster men.

Their costumes were inspired by one of my favourite Brighton bands of the early 2000’s. The practically ungoogleable Phil Collins 3.

Before every gig they would construct increasingly elaborate themed costumes for themselves out of whatever they had lying around with no thought for things like ability to see, hold or indeed play their instruments. That has to be admired.

The CNR look was completely designed by John, my one contribution being this squiggle.

From which his genius fingers created this.

Sonically I had some impossible hybrid of the beyond awesome Delmonas and the beyond beyond awesome Le Tigre in my head.

And yes. We do have tunes for all the songs in Hitsville. We could sing/rap them all but we never will because the tunes in the readers imagination are better.

Hitsville UK – Intro

Hitsville UK follows burnt-out case and wannabe svengali Gerry Corden as he tries one more time for the big-time.

Image by John Riordan

It’s been described as Deadline meets Whizzer and Chips by The Mindless Ones.
(Could anything be that good?)

I’m too bound up in it to give a decent synopsis. ‘It’s about everything I tell ye!’
So one of the best is from Richard at FPI, I’m sure he won’t mind if I steal it.

Amongst this gang of wannabe musical misfits you’ll meet singing grotesque with the magic voice Gwillum, mystery solving teen gang The Carrie Nation’s Revenge, schoolboy with big beats Haunted By Robots, nazi punk zombies, and many more.

It is absolutely great fun. Absolutely all over the place in a weird Wacky Races meets Scooby Doo if they were all musicians, Monkees, Rock & Roll Swindle, god only knows what else kind of way…

On top of all that musical madness, there’s a hint of something nasty going on somewhere – something to do with Gerry’s mystery accountant, the one with the horns, a certain Mr Stan Van Horne.



I have intuited that what the internet really needs is another indie comics blog.
Seriously. There’s hardly any of us out there.


Well regardless,  it’s all I’ve got so…

My name is Dan

and I write and occasionally draw comics.

With the brilliant John Riordan I do Hitsville UK, the best musical sitcom in comic book form named after a Clash song. No word of a lie.

Carrie Nation's Revenge 'In the Studio'. Art by John Riordan.

Comic Hero Magazine called it ‘…feverishly inventive…’ and Forbidden Planet have really been behind us, calling it ‘…out and out brilliance…’ and name-checking us in their ‘best of’ lists.

Because we love you you can read it online free here and if you want to help a brother out you can buy a physical copy here.

I’m currently finishing my first major solo book The Graveyard Cats which will launch at Bristol Expo on May 13th.

Ringo runs in The Graveyard Cats issue 1

All-ages horror comedy action.

No-one’s said anything about Cats yet because no-one’s seen it yet.
It will be online to read for free from May 13th with e-versions and hard copies available to buy.

In the past I’ve also been lucky enough to work with superbly talented people like…

Bob Molesworth

Seriously, check out his new strip DinoCorps in his portfolio. It’s going to be huge.

Iain Buchanan

and Jon Ridley, the best artist working in comics today. Anywhere. Strong truth.

Check out his autobiographical tale, the harrowingly honest Knott Family.

So this blog will be a bit about Cats and Hitsville and past stuff and me learning to draw, the joy of sound fx and why comics are the highest art form. Stuff like that.

Hope you enjoy it.