Scooby Doo!

A while back I wrote a Scooby Doo short for Bob Molesworth’s portfolio. We present it here for your delight.

If you want to see Bob draw sci-fi dinosaurs ninjaring each other, and if you don’t then something is wrong with you, his latest graphic album DinoCorps is available from Markosia

wailing 1

wailing 2wailing 3wailing 4wailing 5


Graveyard Cats Book 2

Also coming sometime soon. Ish.

Here are some roughs from the second Cats book.



Hitsville UK – Book 2?

It’s coming…it is, it really really is.
Sometime. Soon. Ish.

Hitsville UK 2_01 low res

Art by the ever brilliant John Riordan.

John has also recently completed the incredible Capital City and his short story Dating Medusa is pretty darn fine too.

You can read the pop comic joy that is Hitsville UK issue 1 here for free and get yourself a hard copy here.

Wrong Songs – Farm


Wrong Songs is available now for free at Issu.
You could also purchase an e-version for £1 from the shop.

The Graveyard Cats Book One Complete

Over at The Graveyard Cats Blog the first book is now complete. That’s 48 pages of all-ages horror fun for NOWT.

You can of course purchase hard copies or e-versions over in the shop.


Wrong Songs

Kids comic book that has a good track record of making three year olds laugh like drains for about two weeks.


32 pages of full-colour shenanigans can be read for FREE at Issu.
Or if you are so inclined you can purchase the cbz or cbr files from the shop, ici for the princely sum of £1.


Happy Chrimbo Jimbo

And a Happy Crimblemas to the rest of you as well…


And because it’s extra Christimassy (and I didn’t have a blog last year) here is 2011’s card n’all.