I have intuited that what the internet really needs is another indie comics blog.
Seriously. There’s hardly any of us out there.


Well regardless,  it’s all I’ve got so…

My name is Dan

and I write and occasionally draw comics.

With the brilliant John Riordan I do Hitsville UK, the best musical sitcom in comic book form, named after a Clash song. No word of a lie.

Carrie Nation's Revenge 'In the Studio'. Art by John Riordan.

Hitsville has had a really good response. Comic Hero Magazine called it ‘…feverishly inventive…’ and Forbidden Planet have really been behind us, calling it ‘…out and out brilliance…’ and namechecking us in their ‘best of’ lists.

Because we love you you can read it online free here and if you want to help a brother out you can buy a physical copy here.

I’m currently finishing my first major solo book The Graveyard Cats which will launch at Bristol Expo on May 13th.

Ringo runs in The Graveyard Cats issue 1

All-ages horror comedy action.

No-one’s said anything about Cats yet because no-one’s seen it.

In the past I’ve also been lucky enough to work with superbly talented people like…

Bob Molesworth

Seriously, check out his new strip DinoCorps on his portfolio. It’s going to be huge.

Iain Buchanan

and Jon Ridley, the best artist working in comics today. Anywhere. Strong truth.

Check out his autobiographical tale, the harrowingly honest Knott Family.

So this blog will be a bit about Cats and Hitsville and past stuff and me learning to draw, the joy of sound fx and why comics are the highest art form. Stuff like that.

Hope you enjoy it.


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