Bristol 2012

Firstly a big ‘thank you‘ to everyone who purchased a copy of Cats, hope you enjoy it.

The best part of Bristol is always seeing the Underfire Crew again. This year I got to meet up with Oli Bailey again for the first time in an age.

Also bravely manning the table through their hangovers, determined to bring their beautiful things to the masses were…

Iain Buchanan who has a new t-shirt and print range mixing clean pop 50’s glam with zombie horror.

You can currently buy his shirts on Wolves in Wolves Clothing or by dropping him an email.

The ever prolific Dan Bell who, not content with launching his first Psircus collection (psychic guilt assassins) had Gorilla Time Lord’s popping up in Doctor WTF and stories in FutureQuake.

The brilliant Bob Molesworth is frantically finishing the colouring on his 90 page graphic novel DinoCorps coming from Markosia in June. From the pages I’ve seen it looks amazing, Bob is a man at home with robot space dinosaurs.

Cosmo White is making kid’s comics look great as lead artist on the new Thundercats and it’s a great fit for his fluid but sharp lines and kinetic panel layouts. The stories are written by Ferg Handley who did a brilliant job of keeping Panini’s Spiderman fresh and fun, so high-hopes it will be a success in the newsagents.

And ever lovin’ Nick Dyer is doing stuff in Strip with John Freeman and will probably be in a Megazine or 2000ad near you soon.

Other good things included speaking to David Hine and Mr and Mrs Kane about the creative method behind the cut up issue of Bulletproof Coffin and tricks you used as a kid to stave off bedtime.

Roger Langridge, ex-Fred the Clown wrangler and current creator of the excellent Snarked drew me this…

And I brought some ace comics

The best thing I got this year was the first two titles from Improper Books.

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited by a new comic.

Butterfly Gate is a silent fairy tale, the art is gorgeous and the storytelling superb.

The story is satisfying, has a twist that you actually feel and sets itself up for a whole slew of adventures.

Porcelain is a similarly confident first issue and reveals a good ear for dialogue and character.

Can’t recommend them enough.

Also finally got Marc Ellerby’s fantastic series Chloe Noonan Monster Hunter.

Which is as brilliant as everyone says. Possibly more so.

And last but not least I got some Warwick Cardwell Johnson. But not his limited edition postcard set Shore Leave. I do not understand why I made this foolish decision and now bitterly regret it.

Ah to be young and in Bristol at expo time.


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