Hitsville UK – Intro

Hitsville UK follows burnt-out case and wannabe svengali Gerry Corden as he tries one more time for the big-time.

Image by John Riordan

It’s been described as Deadline meets Whizzer and Chips by The Mindless Ones.
(Could anything be that good?)

I’m too bound up in it to give a decent synopsis. ‘It’s about everything I tell ye!’
So one of the best is from Richard at FPI, I’m sure he won’t mind if I steal it.

Amongst this gang of wannabe musical misfits you’ll meet singing grotesque with the magic voice Gwillum, mystery solving teen gang The Carrie Nation’s Revenge, schoolboy with big beats Haunted By Robots, nazi punk zombies, and many more.

It is absolutely great fun. Absolutely all over the place in a weird Wacky Races meets Scooby Doo if they were all musicians, Monkees, Rock & Roll Swindle, god only knows what else kind of way…

On top of all that musical madness, there’s a hint of something nasty going on somewhere – something to do with Gerry’s mystery accountant, the one with the horns, a certain Mr Stan Van Horne.


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