Grande Bete

logo-500pxwThe good  folk  at GREAT BEAST have seen fit to sign up the Hitsville.
Issue One is now re-released in print and for the first time in DRM free digital. Simply go to the Great Beast Store and fill your boots.

Issue Two will officially launch at Thought Bubble, Leeds, November 2013.

John and I are chuffed and slightly stunned to be on GB, featuring as it does some of our favorite artists. There’s a genuinely brilliant roster of material which we’re very happy to be alongside.

Check out

Marc Ellerby’s Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter

Adam Cadwell’s Blood Blokes

The gorgeous Winter’s Knight by Robert M Ball

Warwick Johnson and  Robert Ball’s Dangeritis

and now the magnificent Isabella Greenberg

Ignore Hitsville, buy some of them. You won’t regret it.


Rubbish Pun


Future Calm

Being really bored of  colouring and shading Cats I took a break.
Again I wanted to practice human bodies, using light and shade (which I ended up not really doing) and a non-realistic colour scheme. I also wanted to do something quick, a couple of hours, and post straight away.

You can of course use this rubbish ‘twist’ ending with anything you like; vampires, aliens, mormons, insect head things…


Graveyard Cats Book 2

Rough cut of the first page of Cats Book 2.

My Grandfather’s Tortoise

One that definitely comes under the heading of ‘Dan learns to draw’.

One of my early solo stories. In retrospect it don’t look that bad but my control of the page was so awful that it was mainly done on separate sheets of paper and then compiled. Even individual panels  are composites of different pictures.

I also hadn’t yet figured out that when drawing you should leave space for the words to go in.

Couldn’t draw crowds. Was afraid of colour. And hadn’t really figured out the the difference between the blurry brush and the solidy brush in Photoshop.

But yeah, not that bad.

The other thing about this story is that it was when I was experimenting with  fictional autobiography. I’d wanted to write something autobiographical (it’s a thing in the Small Press) but when it came to it I didn’t feel comfortable writing about real people. People who I knew. And were still around.
So I wrote a series of stories that had to be true but not necessarily to have happened. Which was an interesting thought experiment. In my head. At the time. But sounds a bit wanky written down in black and white like that.

Anyhoo, for better or worse…






H2 oh!


A sneaky sneak preview of Hitsville UK 2 by the ever-lovin’ John Riordan.

Wrong Songs – Duck


Wrong Songs is available now for free at Issu.
You could also purchase an e-version for £1 from the shop.



Scooby Doo!

A while back I wrote a Scooby Doo short for Bob Molesworth’s portfolio. We present it here for your delight.

If you want to see Bob draw sci-fi dinosaurs ninjaring each other, and if you don’t then something is wrong with you, his latest graphic album DinoCorps is available from Markosia

wailing 1

wailing 2wailing 3wailing 4wailing 5

Graveyard Cats Book 2

Also coming sometime soon. Ish.

Here are some roughs from the second Cats book.



Hitsville UK – Book 2?

It’s coming…it is, it really really is.
Sometime. Soon. Ish.

Hitsville UK 2_01 low res

Art by the ever brilliant John Riordan.

John has also recently completed the incredible Capital City and his short story Dating Medusa is pretty darn fine too.

You can read the pop comic joy that is Hitsville UK issue 1 here for free and get yourself a hard copy here.